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We Are All A Tribe


Filmmaker Karina Duffy left her high-flying Hollywood career for one purpose - to make a film that explores how we are all connected on this planet. Living off the land without a cell phone or modern comforts, Karina travelled to some of the most remote and diverse places on earth in hopes that she might find a remnant of the kind of connection she yearned for. It is through the eyes of the world’s tribes that she really sees what we have lost, learns the value of nature, and feels the power of community. 


Four main tribes make up the heart of the story—the Himbas in Africa, the mountain villages in Nepal, the unbreakable bond of two orphaned boys in India, and the South Pacific islanders of Vanuatu--as well as Karina’s internal journey, reconciling the life she once knew with the lessons she learned along the way. Tahi captures the full spectrum of the human condition through intimate stories, ceremonies and traditions in a rare and vulnerable look at what it means to be human.


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