We Are All A Tribe


Filmmaker Karina Duffy felt disillusioned and alone in the fast-paced world of Hollywood film finance, so she sets off around the world on a journey to find out how we are all connecting on the planet. Spanning over 6 years and 21 countries, she travels to the furthest regions of the earth, filming the colorful traditions and compelling stories of tribal people. Woven throughout the film is Karina’s continually shifting internal world as she sheds her past to discover what is really valuable in her own life.


Five main stories make up the heart of the film--the power of Himba community in Africa, the hardship of survival in a Nepalese village, the unbreakable bond of two orphaned boys in India, the ancient healing of the Maori in New Zealand, and the colorful ceremonies of Vanuatu. With stunning footage and captivating characters, Tahi explores how connection could be the answer to some of our most challenging personal, social and environmental issues. Neither a traditional documentary nor a travelogue, Tahi is more than one woman’s personal story/transformation - it’s the story of our human journey.


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